//Tax-Efficient INCOME PLANNING!



The New Tax Laws WILL AFFECT you now and in Retirement!!!!! Affordable Care Act

  • Your Income Taxes/Capital Gains (DOUBLE TAXATION) Can be your Biggest Annual Expense

  • Do you believe tax rates are going up in the future?

  • Are you concerned with the thought of out living your Money?

  • How much income you will need, in order to retire with the same standard of living?

  • Does your current retirement/investment plan Protect your accounts from Creditors? [Asset Protection]

  • Can you afford to subject your portfolio to another down turn in the market? {2008/2009]
  • Taxes are the biggest obstacle in accumulating Financial Independence: Proper tax deferral/ tax bracket planning results in a Tax-Efficient Retirement Plan. [It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You KEEP]
  • Taking an integrated planning approach offers you significant opportunities to safeguard your retirement savings, as well as your personal and business assets: Financial Security!!


Is the Process of structuring both your 1099 Now and 1099 Later Income with the 1099 Never Income as to keep you in the Lowest Possible Tax Bracket!

  • Proper Tax/Investment Diversification may make the Future Tax Rate and/or Increases IRRELEVANT!

  • The 1099 Money List [the 3 buckets] includes: 1099 Now Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Money Market accounts. 1099 Later include Tax Deferred Money [IRA, 401k, SEP etc.] [Deferred Annuities etc.]
  • 1099 NEVER contains Permanent Life Insurance along with Roth IRA accounts, considered Tax Advantaged!


1099 NEVER Provide tax deferred growth, access to funds before age 59 ½ without the 10% penalty [you become your own Banker]. Income TAX-FREE* Distributions.


Properly structured and funded Tax Advantaged Life Insurance, contains characteristics that no other Financial Vehicle can match!

  • Tax-Bracket Retirement planning involves utilizing all 3 buckets to maximize your retirement income while allowing YOU to control the amount of taxes you pay under the IRS tax code. IRC Sec. 7702 and 7702 A9(b)

*Tax-Free Income is based on a properly structured and funded policy. Utilizing Partial Surrenders and zero or low cost loans, while keeping the policy inforce.