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“Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code”

“Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code” [transcript of Ed Slott tax advisor speech] Let’s switch gears to another way to eliminate huge taxes: life insurance. Just so you know I say it on every program, I do not sell life insurance, I do not sell stocks, bonds, funds, annuities. I am a […]

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Life Insurance Policy Audits

Life Insurance Policy Audits Unlocking the “Mystery” of life insurance:

The majority of our prospective clients typically have some form of life insurance in place before we meet them. At Kelm Financial Services, we provide complimentary, objective Policy Audits to help prospective clients, advisors, trustees and other fiduciaries evaluate their existing life insurance coverage relative to […]

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Mistakes

Overlooking details

I’ve reviewed over two dozen life insurance policies this year. Aside from the big problems I currently see in cash value policies, beneficiary designation is important because a mistake can be costly. Perhaps because so much thought, energy, time and money is spent deciding upon the type of policy and coverage, the […]

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