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“Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code”

“Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code” [transcript of Ed Slott tax advisor speech] Let’s switch gears to another way to eliminate huge taxes: life insurance. Just so you know I say it on every program, I do not sell life insurance, I do not sell stocks, bonds, funds, annuities. I am a [...]

Income & Tax Bracket Diversification

Income & Tax Bracket Planning   When Do You Want Your 1099? The Three 1099 Buckets of Income – Overview WHAT I can decide how and what my tax bracket can be? The answer is, YES The Financial Decisions you make NOW will Determine How Much You [...]

Tax Bracket Strategies

Tax Planning to Avoid ATRA-phy The American Taxpayer Relief Act. Brought to you by the same people who ushered in Super PACs guised as “campaign finance reform” and unleashed the Orwellian flood by calling it “The Patriot Act”. The relief is comes in the form of 20% top tax rate on dividends and long-term capital [...]