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Bad News About Qualified Investing

•401k’s will be taxed on your gains. •IRA’s will be taxed on your gains. •Mutual funds will be taxed on your gains. •Individual stocks will be taxed on your gains. •Bonds will be taxed on your gains When? At the worst possible time in your life! •At retirement: when you need them most! •At retirement: [...]

Tax Bracket Planning

Taxes are the biggest obstacle in reaching Financial Independence. Reposition your existing money and future money from unnecessary Taxes. For more information on how to utilize Tax Bracket Planning and to take advantage of strategies that address these items just give us a call.

Kelm Qualifies for Prestigious “Top of the Table”

Park Ridge, ILL. – Outstanding client service, best practices, and professionalism have enabled Chris Kelm of San Antonio, TX to qualify for the exclusive “Top of the Table” of the Million Dollar Round Table—The Premier Association of Financial Professionals. Kelm is a 21-year MDRT member and a 2-Time Top of the Table qualifier. MDRT members [...]

Stability to Security with Index Crediting

Financial Freedom: Without Washington & Wall Street! There are a few rules of investing that most people have heard of and can relate to in some way.  One of them is “Don’t Lose Money”.  This rule is so well-known that many have come to believe that it’s not always the rate of return on my [...]

Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage, Increase it! Bigger is Better!

 Equity can’t help pay for college expenses, vacations etc. or more importantly increase your retirement income. This isn't what we were taught, the dream from most Americans is to have their mortgage paid off and the sooner the better. “Pay off your mortgage, reduce your debt and build up equity.” Why? Your House isn't an investment vehicle, so [...]


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is how people or the Baby Boomers have been doing it and it hasn’t worked. Insanity has been a pattern for the past 28 years, especially for the Baby Boomers and it hasn’t worked. They are working longer, and yet stock market performance [...]