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Pastors aren’t normal and neither are their Tax, Retirement & Financial Planning needs. Pastors can enjoy unique tax and retirement benefits, yet most don’t have access to the strategies for utilizing these benefits. This is most evident in their misunderstanding of the tax and retirement benefits for their Housing Allowance (Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code). For 20 plus years I worked with my father (the late Rev. A. Dean Kelm), to take advantage of these unique tax and retirement benefits. With my involvement in Pastor 360 I’ve had the opportunity to share my experiences with many pastors. They’ve learned how to utilize their benefits, including Housing Allowance and Mortgage Benefits (new or refinanced). Maximizing your unique benefits can yield incredible tax savings that can be used to increase your Net Retirement Income on a tax favored basis.

Pastors should have a cash salary that meets the physical needs of the family independent of the wife having to work.